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If you're thinking to join one funnel away challenge but want more clarification just before actual buying then I'll definitely say that you're on the right website at the right time.

Because here, I'm going to give you my personal in-depth one funnel away challenge review which is one of the most popular online training program among entrepreneurs & which is trusted by thousands of people.

In this one funnel away challenge review of 2020, I'll share my personal point of view about this OFA challenge, I'll also disclose all the hidden things about this one funnel away challenge that you should know before joining including their pricing structure, what'll get if you join this one funnel away challenge, for whom this challenge will be best and many more things that you'll not get from anywhere else.

And not only that I'll also give you more than $8,000 value bonuses in FREE!!!

Read below what process you have to follow to claim these bonuses.

My overall rating for one funnel away challenge: 4.9/5

Without any further delay, let's get started my in-depth one funnel away review of 2020.

What is one funnel away challenge?

One funnel away challenge is a 30 days/5 weeks training program in which you'll learn, how to launch your own online business in next 30 days & earn passive money by selling your own product (If you have a product to sell) or by selling someone else product as an affiliate (If you don't have a product to sell).

During this 30 days challenge, you'll get lots of homework and task from the side of Russell & his team, which you have to complete on the daily basis (This is the milestone of this 30 days OFA challenge)

In these 30 days, you'll learn:

  • How to find the right market to sell a product.
  • How to find the right audience out of that right market.
  • How to write a sales copy to get huge sales.
  • How to build a sales funnel to get a better conversion. 
  • How to build a relationship with customers. 
  • How to generate leads. 
  • How to sell the product with proven methods.
  • How to approach the customer.
  • What you should do in your online business to get success.
  • The process that you should follow to make money online.
  • How to get more targeted traffic & convert into paying customers.
  • The mistakes that you should avoid in your online business.
  • How to write a hook that attract more customers around your product.

And there are many more things that you'll learn throughout the next 30 days.

Let's look at some condition in which you should think about the joining of this challenge. Pick your appropriate condition in which you fit well and tell me by doing comment below.

9 Condition - when you should think about this 30 days OFA challenge?

Condition #1 You're newbie in online business: You're a completely new in online market and you don't know anything about the online business, you don't know how things work, what to do, what not to do, where to start and where to invest money in the starting of online business then this one funnel away challenge is for you. 

Condition #2 Not getting success in online business: You've already an online business & you're doing lots of hard work to get desired result, to achieve target. But you're not getting a success. Your business is not generating leads & sales even not a first sale. You're confused & out of mind and don't know what to do to get success in online business then this 30 days Russell Brunson challenge is for you.

Condition #3 You want to grow your online business: You are already a successful online businessman/woman And you're getting a very good results from your business. Your whole team is very happy because your business is growing. but as an owner of a business, you don't want to stop here. You don't want to stuck at one point. You want more. More sales, more customers & more revenue then you should think about this challenge.

Condition #4 Want to leave 9 to 5 job lifestyle: You're simply a 9 to 5 day job man/woman. you hate your daily lifestyle or your manager or your boss. Reason can be anything. But the main point is: You don't want to do job anymore. You want to leave, you want to change your life, you want to start your own online business. But don't know where to start. That's the problem. Or may be you just want to do a side business with your regular job to earn some side income then this one funnel away challenge is for you.

Condition #5 Want to learn how to sell: You want to sell your own digital products like eBooks, software, online courses, membership, paid services or any physical products like clothes, bags, car accessories, drone, footwear, beauty and more & more products. You can sell anything. But the problem is how to sell? You need a proper strategy like how you'll launch your online store, how you'll do marketing and a solid software system to automate your whole selling process. To learn all of these you should join this one funnel away challenge. 

Condition #6 Want to build strong base: You're ready to launch your business. Everything is ready. But before launching you want to learn all basic fundamentals of business. You don't want to do the same mistakes again. You want to learn that how to attract the targeted audience, how to make a relationship with customers. What to offer them & specially when. How to change a normal visitor into permanent paying customer, the things that you should avoid on your business. Everything that you should learn to build a solid business foundation.

Condition #7 Want to sell product without a website: You're a non technical person and you don't want to pay to developers to build a whole website to sell product/service Or you don't want to build a WordPress website/shopify website to sell online. In this one funnel away challenge, you'll learn that how you can sell product without building a website. OFA team will teach you that how you can earn your first million dollars from just one funnel.

Condition #8 Want to promote others people product: You're a blogger and you want to promote someone else product as an affiliate to earn money. But how? In this Russell Brunson one funnel away challenge, you'll learn how to do affiliate marketing in a right way, how to build a bridge page between your customers & offer, How to improve affiliate sales & how to earn more money by promoting third party products.

Condition #9 Want to learn about funnel: You already know that you need a funnel to launch a business but the problem is that you don't know anything about the designing process of funnel. What funnel will work for you & how to build that funnel to get a success in your online business. How to design the upsell & downsell to automate the process. Everything about the funnel designing & how to sell product or service using that funnel. If you want to become a funnel expert then you should think about this one funnel away challenge.

If you checked ANY of the condition above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The 'One Funnel Away' Challenge 
And Change Your Business Forever!

What's the road map of this one funnel away challenge for next 30 days?

Let's take a look at 5 weeks schedule of one funnel away challenge that you're going to follow from day 1 to day 30.

5 week plan

Week 0: Pre-Training Week

The first week is completely dedicated to motivation. In this week, you'll learn that how to believe on yourself, What failure teaches us, how not to stuck in business & how to get a huge success, 10X growth secrets, the success story of lady boss and about all the things that you should setup before the actual starting of OFA challenge. In first week, Russell and his team will motivate you about online business and will help you to setup your mindset towards the business. I'll strongly recommend you pre-training week (Don't miss this week).

Week 1st: Hook, Story & Offer

Officially first week. In this week, you'll learn that how to create a hook to attract the customers around your sales page, offer, ads or your product. And after creating a hook, you'll learn that how to write a story to build an emotional attachment and after that how to present your offer that will help you to sell more products. In this week, you'll learn how to create a product & how to sell. 

Week 2nd: Hooks & Story

In this week, you'll learn that how to test offer & how to publish them. How to build a bridge between your product & your customer to get more sales. Testing phase of your hooks & stories. How to publish an emotional story to build a connection with customer. Everything that will help you to setup your whole sales system to get more sales & more revenue.

Week 3rd: The Funnel

In 3rd week, you'll learn that how to create a squeeze page to attract more visitors into your offer & how to build a sales page & order form for completing the sales. You'll also learn that how to operate clickfunnels software (Get access to 14 days free trial here) to build a solid sales funnel system for your product. In this week, you'll learn about the designing process & execution process.

Week 4th: Make It Rain

The last week of one funnel away challenge. In this week, you'll learn about the traffic. How to find targeted traffic and how to convert those traffic into customers. The three types of traffic - controllable, uncontrollable traffic and the traffic you own. and in the last what you'll do if your funnel flop. Complete package from product planning to product launching. The whole funnel system to sell own product or someone else product as an affiliate.

These 5 weeks can change your life and it's my personal experience. But, It's up to you, how you take this challenge.

Course content of one funnel away challenge - From Day 1 to Day 30

Week 0th: The framework // One funnel away // The who, Not the how // Funnel hacking // Lady boss story // The map.

Week 1st: Offer hacking // The greatest showman // Offer sequencing // The secrets of e-covers // Create your product.

Week 2nd: Testing your material // Epiphany bridge // Publishing your origin story // Testing hooks/stories.

Week 3rd: Generate a lead/make a sale // ClickFunnels // Squeeze page // Sales page/order form // OTO page // Member area.

Week 4th: The three types of traffic // The dream 100 // Hooks (earned) // Hooks (paid) // What happens when your funnel flops.

But who'll teach you in this one funnel away challenge?

Top 3 MARKETING EXPERT will give you a daily live coaching

Russell brunson

The Strategist
Russell Brunson

Co-founder of clickfunnels | Two USA best selling books author | Highest paid speaker.

Julie stoian

The Transformer
Julie Stoian

7 figure entrepreneur | creator of online courses | 6 figure freelancer business builder.

stephen larsen

The Executioner
Stephen Larsen

7 figure entrepreneur | Sales funnel builder | Affiliate marketing coach | Master offer creator.

What you'll get in this one funnel away challenge & how much do you have to pay?

100 dollars

You have to pay only $100 to join this OFA challenge. And in this $100, you'll get the access of $3126 value products. That's huge And here is a list of product that you're going to get:

ofa asset
ofa products

Plus more bonuses of value $8,631 in FREE! from my side.

Total value: $11,757 only in $100.

If you want to get your funnel LIVE and start building your business, then this 30 days mission I'm giving you...

Let me break down all the awesome stuff you'll get when you join the one funnel away challenge today...

ofa dashboard

1st: 30 days of video mission from Russell Brunson ($997 Value)

russell lesson

He'll share the tips & strategies that you can use to build your own funnel. He'll also teach you that how to create your offer & how to promote that offer to attract more visitors & to convert into permanent customers. All fundamental strategies to build a solid ground for your business.

2nd: 30 days of coaching from Stephen & Julie ($997 value)

stephen larsen

Stephen: He'll coach you daily on live group calls. He'll help you to complete your daily tasks & even you can ask any question from him. He is one of the most energetic person in the group. He'll motivate you to complete daily task & to build your funnel to get success. 

julie lesson

Julie: She will help you to turn your ideas into reality. She will solve your every howto from building a funnel to launching a funnel. She will take care of your challenge during these 30 days. She will provide you all step by step guide to take action that you've learned from Russell.

3rd: One funnel away challenge customized kit - 30 days plan ($247 value)

challenge kit bundle

In this 30 days challenge kit, you'll get '30 days' book of 550 pages, the OFA workbook & OFA mp3 player with pre-loaded funnel training. 

And you can get this whole challenge kit at your home with physical copy of book.

That's amazing.

Bonus #1: 30 days book ($97 Value)

30 days book

In this book, you'll get the step by step action procedure from top 30 experts or you can say from millionaires who have already generated millions of dollars from their funnel.

In this book, they have describe what they will do in next 30 days if they lost everything without any list, without any product, without any reputation & without any funnel. How they will start from zero.

This book is a 30 days action plan from 30 millionaires. And I believe that if you want to get success then you should read this book very carefully. 

You'll not get this type of strategies from anywhere else.

Bonus #2: The one funnel away challenge workbook ($97 value)

one funnel away challenge workbook

During this clickfunnels one funnel away challenge, You'll get the lots of homework & tasks that you've to complete on the daily basis. And this workbook will help you to manage all of those tasks.

In this workbook, you'll get checklist of tasks, the video training links & plenty of space to brainstorming your ideas & to write important key points.

Bonus #3: MP3 player ($297 value)

A big collection of Russell training from day 1 to day 30 in audio format with Stephen recordings from his live coaching calls.

mp3 player

Total you'll get 51 recordings of 40 hours. You can listen these recordings at any place where you want.

One funnel away challenge review: Pricing details

OFA provide two different version of challenge kit: Digital version & physical version.

ofa version

Digital version: Where you can watch videos & can read book only through your laptop. You'll not get a challenge kit at your home in digital version. And for this version you have to pay only $100. You'll get access to all products they have in OFA like 30 days book & workbook.

Physical version: Where you'll get physical copy of book & mp3 player at your home. For physical version, you have to pay $100 + shipping price. ($19.95 for US & $29.95 for international shipping)

What I recommend here: I'll recommend you their physical version in which you'll get both version (digital+physical). You'll get the access of digital version immediately after buying OFA. But for physical version you have to wait for some days and that's depend on your shipping address.

For whom this one funnel away challenge is best?

As I said, this challenge is for everyone (Beginner to intermediate to expert level) who want to start an online business and want to earn money online. But if you still want to get a list of market then here is the list:

  • Digital Agency
  • Health & Fitness
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Service Based Business
  • Make Money Online 
  • Real Estate
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Freelancer 
  • B2B Business Model
  • Local Business
  • Digital Course & Products (for example: e-books, info product)
  • Physical Products
  • eCommerce Business
  • Drop-shipping Business
  • Blogging

No matter in which market you want to start an online business. This challenge is for you

When you should not join this one funnel away challenge?

1. If you think that just watching videos & reading books is enough to build a strong online business then sorry this challenge is not for you. If you're lazy person & have no plan to take action after joining this challenge then don't waste your money on this.

2. If you're too busy person & don't have a one-two hour daily for this challenge then I'll not recommend you this challenge.

If you're serious about your online business & you really want to get a success then you have to take this challenge very seriously And you have to take action. You have to implement all the strategies & tactics to build a powerful & money making business.

If you think that you can do and you're ready to take risk & to implement all the ideas then this challenge is for you. No doubt. The next 30 days is going to be very productive for you & for your business.

My final conclusion about one funnel away challenge review

Only you know that what you want from your business. Where you want to see yourself & your business in next 30 days, 6 months or in 1 year. 

But what I believe here, if you want to learn something meaningful & real advice about business growth/blog growth/money growth then you should think about this challenge.

But keep in mind this is not an overnight rich scheme. This is a learning program of 30 days where you will learn about business strategies, methods and about make money online.

Last decision will be yours. 

But here I just want to ask you one thing:

Do you have guts to join this challenge?

ofa asset
ofa products

Plus more bonuses of value $8,631 in FREE! from my side.

Total value: $11,757 only in $100.

FAQ: One funnel away challenge review

1. Is it necessary to buy clickfunnels paid plan for joining one funnel way challenge?

No, it's not necessary. As I said, this is a learning program of 30 days in which you'll learn about online business strategies & mistakes. You can learn all of these things without clickfunnels or you can use other funnel builder software. Choice is yours.

But I'll recommend you that you should try clickfunnels. Because in this challenge, they will teach you that how to operate & how to build sales funnel by using clickfunnels. And I believe that clickfunnels is one of the best sales funnel builder in the market. You can start your free trial from here. Clickfunnels comes in two paid version: one is $97/month & second is $297/month. You can start with $97/month after the ending of 14 days trial.

2. Will they refund my money, if I don't like the challenge?

Yes, they will refund your full money under first 30 days. But you have to cancel your challenge before it end and you have to send the whole challenge kit back to their office (in case of physical copy).  But keep in mind, after cancellation, you'll not be able to access the OFA member area. 

3. Can I download the lesson & videos?

Yes, you can download the lesson including videos.

4. Can I access previous chapters & videos, if I miss the particular day training?

Yes, you can access & can learn anytime. There is no such type of limitation. 

5. Is there any support community for help?

Yes, you can ask for support in their official Facebook group or you can ask question through live session. Both options are available.

6. I don't have any product to sell, should I join?

As I said, this is not necessary to have to a product to join this challenge. If you're a simple blogger who want to earn money by promoting other people's product then you can learn lots of affiliate marketing strategies from this challenge. 

I can give you a guarantee here that this challenge will change your whole way of promoting affiliate product.

7. Is it worth it to join?

Why not? you're investing only $100 for this challenge. And in this $100, you're getting lots of tips, strategies, guides, video lesson & support from other thousands of marketers. You should try this challenge to build your own online empire.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

I'll give you more than $8,000 value bonuses in free, If you register for one funnel away challenge through my link. Yes, completely FREE!. You don't need to do anything extra to get these bonuses. Read below what you'll get from my side as a bonus and the process to claim these amazing bonuses.

bridge funnel

Bonus #1: ABC Bridge Funnel Template

Value: $197

ofa bonus mastery

Bonus #2: OFA Bonus Mastery Course & Template

Value: $197

smma funnel template

Bonus #3: Social Media Marketing Agency Sales Funnel Template

Value: $197

personal brand template

Bonus #4: Doug Boughton Personal Funnel Template

Value: $197

traffic secrets template

Bonus #5: Traffic Secrets Funnel Template

Value: $197

fitness template

Bonus #6: Fitness Funnel Template (Best For GYM Niche)

Value: $197

realtor funnel

Bonus #7: Realtor Funnel Template (Best For Real Estate Business)

Value: $197

dentist funnel

Bonus #8: Dentist Funnel Template (Best For Online Dentist Service)

Value: $197

contractor funnel

Bonus #9: Contractor Funnel Template (Best For Construction Business)

Value: $197

fine restaurant funnel

Bonus #10: Fine Restaurant Funnel Template

Value: $197

take out restaurant funnel

Bonus #11: Take Out Restaurant Funnel Template

Value: $197

10k business case study

Bonus #12: 10K Case Study Of 6 Figure Entrepreneur & Dream Car Winner

Value: Priceless

business in a box funnel

Bonus #13: Business In A Box Funnel Template

Value: $197

ad swipe library

Bonus #14: White Label Rights To Million Dollar AD Swipe Library Of 40 Entrepreneurs

Value: Priceless

cf affiliate grabber

Bonus #15: ClickFunnels Affiliate Grabber Tool

Value: Free

group convert

Bonus #16: Grab Email's From Facebook Group Using Group Convert

Value: Priceless

email sequence

Bonus #17: Pre-Written Email Swipe Files To Promote Specific Affiliate Product

Value: $197

pre written email

Bonus #18: Pre-Written Email Sequence For New ClickFunnels Signup

Value: $197

cf share funnel library

Bonus #19: Million Dollar ClickFunnels Share Funnels Library

Value: $1597

ultimate list of affiliate program

Bonus #20: 120+ Best Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs

Value: $97

free plus shipping

Bonus #21: Free Plus Shipping Funnel Template

Value: $597

ofa funnel template

Bonus #22: 3 Different One Funnel Away Challenge Template (Proven Template Who Have Already Generated Thousands Of Dollars)

Value: $591


Bonus #23: Personal Support For Lifetime (You Can Contact Me Anytime)

Value: Priceless

clickfunnels power course

Bonus #24: ClickFunnels Power Course For Entrepreneurs (Learn Everything About This Powerful Tool)

Value: $997

affiliate course

Bonus #25: Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners (One Of The Best Learning Program For Affiliate Marketer)

Value: $997

profit cycle complete course

Bonus #26: Profit Cycle Course (Learn How To Launch Online Business + Traffic, Monetization & Marketing Strategies)

Value: $997

Everything you'll get only in $100 when you signup for the one funnel away challenge today...

Value From Russell Brunson: $3,126Value From My Side: $8,631

Total Bonus Value: $11,757 Only in $100

Follow below given steps to claim these $8,631 value bonuses (Don't miss any step)?

Step 1: Clear your browser & computer/laptop/mobile cache/cookies.

Step 2: Right click on my affiliate link and open in incognito window. click here to open my affiliate link in incognito window. or you can use below given button to join OFA challenge (But don't forget to open in incognito window).

Step 3: Join one funnel away challenge with fresh new email ID (Don't use previously used email id, if you have already any account with them)

Step 4: After joining, send me an email at: authorityguruji[at] with your receipt copy.

Step 5: I'll send you all of your bonuses within 24 hours directly into your inbox.

In this one funnel away challenge review, I tried to cover everything related to this challenge. But if you still have any question or doubt then you can ask me by doing comment below.

So, in the last I want to ask you: what you're thinking now? Are you going to join this challenge? Share with me by doing comment below

I’m an independent ClickFunnels affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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